Words Like Knives

Teaser trailer for the short film "Words Like Knives"
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Emma has a loving family, caring boyfriend, and loyal best friend. One rumor might rip this all away from her though. She fights to hold on to her old life as one mean-spirited rumor becomes so real she can't find the light through the encompassing darkness. Emma tries to run from it, but it becomes so real and takes on a life of its own. She finds herself powerless to it and unable to distinguish rumor from reality.  What if she can't escape it and hold on to her dwindling sanity?
Words Like Knives is a dark, discomforting, and surreal psychological horror film that focuses on our main character's inner turmoil as she tries to dismiss horrendous rumors that are being spread about her and the frightening examination that follows. The short film is written by and stars Kelsey Zukowski. The film is directed by Travis Legge and long time collaborator, Tim Stotz, is the Director of Photography on the film. Words Like Knives also features Michael Wexler, Valerie Meachum, Myke Wilson, Melissa Revels, and Aley Kreinz.

Now, for the first time, you can see the full film below!

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