War Stories: The Call

War Stories: The Call is a transmedia setting enhancement for Contagion Second Edition
The world of Contagion is a dark and terrifying place. On the surface, it looks much like the world you and I live in. Just beneath that surface, in the shadows, rages an ancient conflict between supernatural factions who all seek dominion over the Earth and control over the souls of humanity. Supernatural creatures stalk the night, hiding among, and sometimes hunting, humans.

The world of Contagion is also a magical place, full of wonder and power. There are those among humanity (and other races) who study ancient knowledge and learn the secrets of magic. Some use that power to fight against the darkness, acting as heroes. Others pursue magic for personal gain. Some act in service to celestial beings.

War Stories: The Call focuses on the story of three young women who plan to use a little magic to further their musical careers. The ritual they use to seek a muse’s blessing instead conjures a bona fide goddess of inspiration. Ceridwen, one of the recently released Ilu, answers the call of these young women. Ceridwen offers her aid with the young women’s performance in exchange for the means to reach out to their audience.
     A 19 page setting enhancement detailing new feats for use with spellcaster characters.
Biographical information and pregenerated character sheets for the four new characters featured in War Stories: The Call.
     A short film/video asset to be used as an in-game prop/story aid by the Gamemaster.
Starring Anna Stim as Anne Lipov
Jennifer Lenius as Tara Stryker
Zoe Compton as Joan Cassidy
and Jenny Mathews as Ceridwen

Written & Directed by Travis Legge
Executive Producer Steve Heiden

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