War Stories: Faith vs. Faithlessness

War Stories: Faith vs Faithlessness is a transmedia setting enhancement for Contagion Second Edition

    The world of Contagion is a dark and terrifying place. On the surface, it looks much like the world you and I live in. Just beneath that surface, in the shadows, rages an ancient conflict between supernatural factions who all seek dominion over the Earth and control over the souls of humanity. Supernatural creatures stalk the night, hiding among, and sometimes hunting, humans.

    Though some of these monstrous entities hunt for human flesh or blood, other, more nefarious beings hunt for faith. In the world of Contagion, belief itself is a palpable energy, and to those beings who can channel it, a potent source of power.  Some beings, such as angels, demons and the Ilu require a constant infusion of this energy in order to survive. These supernatural beings use all manner of methods to reap Contagion energy from their targets, ranging from compelling worship to intimidation, and in some cases seduction.

    War Stories: Faith vs Faithlessness focuses on one such encounter, where the demon Gaap, in the guise of a human woman called Gina, seduces an unsuspecting Bystander, Jim Roberts, in an attempt to lure him into a pact. When Jim’s wife, Naomi, discovers that her husband is meeting with another woman she follows the pair to their motel rendezvous. There Naomi is confronted with the truth about Gina’s nature and must rely on her own faith to protect her.
A 17 page setting enhancement detailing two new feats and two adventure seeds.
Biographical information and pregenerated character sheets for the three new characters featured in War Stories: Faith vs. Faithlessness.
A short film/video asset to be used as an in-game prop/story aid by the Gamemaster.
Starring Lillian Lamour as Gaap/Gina
Jennifer Peterson as Naomi Roberts
and Larry Biela as Jim Roberts

Written & Directed by Travis Legge
Executive Producer Steve Heiden

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