Things That Should Not Be

         Glimpse the Beyond is a Role-Playing Game in which players assume the roles of Magi, rare individuals who study the arcane arts in an attempt to understand and possibly control that which Should Not Be. One player, caled the Guide, crafts a story set in this world, using the rules in the Glimpse the Beyond corebook (available at

         Things That Should Not Be focuses on the supernatural creatures that inhabit the world of Glimpse the Beyond.
         This book contains ten monsters for use in your Glimpse the Beyond campaign as well as expanded rules including additional Supernatural Boons, Flaws and SFX.
Things That Should Not Be includes:
     -Anchimayen: spirits of flame that can inhabit the corpses of children.
     -Court of the Yellow Ribbon Cultist: worshippers of the King in Yellow, who place their lives at the mercy of their mad master.
     -Grassman: hulking, hairy primates that creep in the woodlands of North America.
     -Jersey Devil: a cryptid that curses its victims by laying bare their greatest fears.
     -The King in Yellow: an avatar of madness that feeds on the insanity of his victims.
     -The Masque of the Red Death: the living embodiment of pestilence & disease.
     -Sasquatch: Twisted ghosts of Grassmen that aggressively defend their haunts. 
     -Thing from Beyond: an organic mimic that copies the traits of organisms it encounters, lying in wait for the appropriate time to attack…and consume.
     -This Man: A terrifying and enigmatic creature who appears to various people across the globe in their dreams.
     -Willows: invisible creatures that infect natural areas with an aura of dread and madness.
Things That Should Not Be is available at

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