Terrors of the Nusarrian

 Terrors of the Nusarrian is a collection of creatures for use with Dungeons & Dragons.
     The nusarrian were once an order of humanoid clerics devoted to the worship of Bhaal. Over the decades, their rites and rituals became foul and blasphemous, offending even the Lord of Murder, who transformed the nusarrian into vulture-like humanoids. Scorned by their curse, the nusarrian shifted their worship to Myrkul and delved even further into the foul arts of necromancy. Within these pages you will find information and game statistics for the monstrous nusarrian and their horrific creations.
Terrors of the Nusarrian introduces eight new creatures including:
     Blight Goblins: Psychotic killers with a poisonous bite.
     Gargnomes: Mutated gnomes who live in perpetual torment due to their unnatural stone hide.
     Huskgnomes: Undead gnomes with razor-sharp claws who hunger for dead, rotting flesh.
     Leyak: A failed attempt to turn the penanggalan into something even deadlier.
     Nusarrian: Vulture-like humanoid clerics of death.
     Raging Deathclaws: Enormous, monstrous undead created by nusarrian magic but beholden to no one.
     Spectral Sentries: Souls of the dead bound to a single location in the Material Plane and forced to act as the eyes and ears of thier nusarrian masters.
     Wightpriests: Members of the nusarrian who fell in battle, but were denied the sweet release of death.

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