Superstring Multiverse Worldbook 2

Throughout the history of superhero comics, the concept of a multiverse has been used by numerous publishers to allow for characters to go on non-canon adventures, explore story options that would dramatically alter the primary narrative of the heroes and ask the question, “what if...?”
Superstring Multiverse is an attempt to recreate that freedom in your M&M tabletop game. Utilizing the characters from our Superhero Support line of products as a base starting point, we have decided to craft a vast and complicated multiverse of parallel worlds and infinite options to integrate into your game.

Superstring Multiverse Worldbook 2 expands upon the core concepts introduced in the Superstring Multiverse Core Supplement by introducing two new worlds on the Superstring.

First is World 1 - The Golden Age, an idyllic world in which the superheroes are respected and adored members of society, the villians are dastardly evildoers (though rarely deadly or violent) and communities are generally inviting and warm.

Also covered is World 5 - Grim and Gritty, one of the darker worlds on the Superstring, where hard-boiled heroes must accept the constraints of government regulation - or work outside the law- if they wish to stem the ever-growing tide of crime.

These worlds are presented in the format introduced in the Superstring Multiverse Core Supplement and occupy spaces 1 and 5 in the Multiverse, for purposes of Hyperspace Travel. Each of these worlds can be used as destinations to be visited in a Multiverse-spanning campaign, or as the setting for an entire storyline.
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Requires the Mutants & Mastermind’s Hero’s Handbook by Green Ronin Publishing for Use.

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