Secret Societies

         Glimpse the Beyond is a Role-Playing Game in which players assume the roles of Magi, rare individuals who study the arcane arts in an attempt to understand and possibly control that which Should Not Be. One player, caled the Guide, crafts a story set in this world, using the rules in the Glimpse the Beyond corebook (available at

         Secret Societies focuses on the magickal organizations active in the world of Glimpse the Beyond.
         This book contains information on the Affiliation boon and includes five sample societies for use in your Glimpse the Beyond campaign as well as expanded rules including new equipment, special abilities and animal traits.
Secret Societies includes:
     -The Hermetic Order: an arcane society studying alchemy, sacred geometry and high ritual. Members gain access to vast libraries and alchemical knowledge.
     -Miskatonic Honors Academy: Scholars of the paranormal, the MHA uses parapsychology techniques, esoteric equipment and peer review to study the realms of the supernatural. Members can resist Terror attacks and gain access to unusual technologies.
     -Sigillum DEI: studants of Enochian magicks who believe that through language they can unlock the keys to the universe. Members gain faith that protects them from Madness and access to Divine Power, using language to boost their magick.
     -The Crossroads Jam Session: a group of loosley associated practitioners who come together as needed for the common good. Members gain the benefit of the Community Spirit and the blessing of Legba the loa.
     -Scholars of Avalon: an order of shapeshifters and spies dedicated to preserving and expanding the British Empire. Members gain Shapeshifting and Alternate Identities.

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