Mutants of the Vast Swamp

Near the western edge of the Vast Swamp, a star has fallen from the sky. This miraculous and terrifying event was seen by many across Faerûn, and astronomers from numerous traditions toiled vigorously to calculate the portents the rare omen foretold.  It is left up to the adventurers to venture into the Vast Swamp in order to discover the truth of this amazing celestial event. Can they find the answers before their rivals? Will they survive their encounters with the Mutants of the Vast Swamp?
Mutants of the Vast Swamp contains:
     An eight page open-world adventure set in Cormyr and the Vast Swamp.
     Information on the various factions interested in tracking down information about this bizarre event.
     Several new creatures ranging from CR 1/4 to CR 1
     A new Magic Item: The Meteor Scepter
     Several print-n-play maps of pertinent locations from the adventure by artist Jack Badashski

Watch us play a portion of this game below!

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