Highway to Hell 2: Return to Flora

     Highway to Hell 2: Return to Flora is an introductory adventure for the
Contagion Second Edition Role Playing Game: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/117625/Contagion-Second-Edition

     The world of Contagion is a dark and terrifying place. On the surface it is no different than the world you and I live in. Most people go on about their lives never realizing the terrors that walk among them.

     Despite humanity’s vast ignorance, the horrors are there. Angels, demons, gods and Hellspawn make war in the shadows. Clergy and Slayers rise from the human flock to protect their brethren and work Yahweh’s will. Magi and Witches wield powerful magics in their pursuit of enlightenment.

     All these supernatural forces work in secrecy to forward their agendas. However, as the world grows smaller through technology and the factions of the war grow bolder, this secrecy becomes increasingly imperiled. Soon, the masses may learn of the existence of the gods and monsters that walk among them.

     Recent events in the world of Contagion have caused things to escalate further. The Winter Solstice of 2012 saw gates open to two otherworldly realms previously isolated from Earth. The beings that came through these gates have their own agendas, and secrecy isn’t necessarily among them. The events of that fateful day also caused an unprecedented number of gates opening between Earth and Hell. These Hellgates opened in places where great tragedy, pain and acts of evil had occurred.

     This story focuses on one such Hellgate, located in the rural ghost town of Flora, Illinois.

     Highway to Hell 2: Return to Flora is an adventure seed for use with Contagion Second Edition. Rather than being a linear module with events that go from point A to point B, this story seed provides information a Gamemaster can use to flesh out their own unique story. Basic events are illustrated along with character snapshots. The ending is left open and ambiguous, for the Gamemaster to decide.

     Highway to Hell 2: Return to Flora serves as an introductory story for Contagion Second Edition. Certain elements of the setting are explored and expanded upon in this adventure seed. Due to the nature of the disturbances and events in Highway to Hell 2: Return to Flora, characters from virtually any background or faction could get involved with the investigation. Experienced groups can also use this story seed with very minor adjustments made by the Gamemaster to account for the characters’ greater experience and resources.

     Highway to Hell 2: Return to Flora also serves as a sequel to the classic Contagion adventure seed Highway to Hell available at http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/29164/Highway-to-Hell. Highway to Hell 2: Return to Flora also includes conversion info to make the original Highway to Hell playable using Contagion Second Edition rules. Highway to Hell 2: Return to Flora is available at http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/123147/Highway-to-Hell-2-Return-to-Flora

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