Glimpse the Beyond Role Playing Game

I have served as the Developer/Lead Writer for the Glimpse the Beyond Role Playing Game since December 2012
The world of Glimpse the Beyond is very much like the real world on the surface. Countries, politics, major religions and popular culture are virtually indistinguishable from the world outside your window. Beneath the normal facade of daily life, lurking in the shadows and hiding under the cover of night, dark forces reach into the world trying desperately to get a foothold. Most humans never encounter these dark forces. Of those few that do, the majority are driven mad.

Some rare humans seek out the metaphysical truths behind these dark forces. Labeling themselves Magi, these rare individuals study the arcane arts in an attempt to understand and possibly control that which Should Not Be. Some Magi seek personal power. Others strive for understanding. Many concern themselves only with survival in a world that is far more dangerous than any of their friends and family realize. A brave few fancy themselves heroes, fighting to keep the darkness at bay on behalf of their fellow man.

Glimpse the Beyond is a Role-Playing Game in which players assume the roles of Magi. One player, called the Guide, crafts a story set in this world, using the rules in this book.

Glimpse the Beyond contains all the rules you will need to create characters and craft stories of magick, wonder and cosmic horror. This book includes a brief overview of the setting, complete rules on Ritual Magick and descriptions for several supernatural creatures that are waiting in the darkness to prey upon humanity.
Glimpse the Beyond uses the Myriad RPG rules as a basic starting point. New rules include:
Streamlined combat rules.
New rules for spellcasting and Ritual Magick.
New rules for supernatural creatures with ten ready to use monsters including the meme-inspired Slender Man and the Lovecraftian Deep Ones.
New Boons and Flaws.
Glimpse the Beyond is available online at DriveThruRPG.

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