Forbidden Relics

         Glimpse the Beyond is a Role-Playing Game in which players assume the roles of Magi, rare individuals who study the arcane arts in an attempt to understand and possibly control that which Should Not Be. One player, caled the Guide, crafts a story set in this world, using the rules in the Glimpse the Beyond corebook (available at

         Forbidden Relics focuses on the creation of a new type of magickal item for use in Glimpse the Beyond. This book contains rules for creating Artifacts, permanent magickal items  for use in your Glimpse the Beyond campaign.
Forbidden Relics includes:
Artifact Creation Rules: an expanded rule set that allows characters to permanently store spells within items by investing the items with energy from the human soul.
The Artifact Boon: a new Boon that allows characters to begin play with a pre-existing artifact.
Sample Artifacts: six sample artifacts, ready to use in your Glimpse the Beyond game.
Errata: corrections to the Gear section of the Glimpse the Beyond corebook.
Forbidden Relics was written and developed by Travis Legge. Forbidden Relics contains mature themes and subject matter. Forbidden Relics is available at

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