Fifth Edition Urban Fantasy Races

Fifth Edition Urban Fantasy Races is a collection of races for use with the OGL SRD 5.0 system, collected in an RTF file, as well as a .pdf for quick, easy reference. These documents have been stripped of any product identity and all text included in the download is Open Game Content.
This document includes twelve races and two new human subraces that are compatible with the 5.0 SRD modified with an eye toward use in a modern horror or urban fantasy setting. All information has been adapted from supplements created for the Contagion roleplaying game.

These documents are presented without accompanying art, without formatting or borders, in a fully editable RTF file for use by GMs to reconfigure, modify or print, or for other publishers to incorporate into their own publications in accordance with the OGL.
Some of the abilities within this document may reference spells, classes, races and game elements not included in these pages. These may be found in the Contagion line of roleplaying games and may also be included in future OGL collections from Aegis Studios.

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