Cottage on the Long Road traveling along the Long Road, just northeast of Waterdeep, the characters stop at a roadside inn. As they prepare to rest for the night, the party encounters a Tiefling shepherd who claims she is being harassed by the local farmers. Is this woman a target of bullying and prejudice, or is there something more sinister afoot at The Cottage on the Long Road?

The Cottage on the Long Road is an introductory adventure for 1st - 3rd level characters. Within these pages, you will meet Criella, a Tiefling woman who has saved her copper pieces over years of service to a knight in order to purchase a small farm and raise sheep in peaceful solitude. Disturbances at her home send her to the nearby roadside inn known as the Dashing Satyr, to seek safe haven and the aid of any adventurous soul who is willing to listen to her plight.

The Cottage on the Long Road contains:
     A ten page adventure set in a rural area between Waterdeep and Amphail
     Information of the Dashing Satyr, a roadside inn run by Wan Bai, a Shou woman with trade ties to Kara-Tur.
     Game statistics for Criella
     A new Background: the Page, suitable for use in any campaign
     Two single-page overview maps of pertinent locations from the adventure
     Sixteen highly detailed full page print-n-play maps by artist Jack Badashski

Begin your adventure today at The Cottage on the Long Road!

Featuring art & maps by Jack Badashski

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