Contagion Survival Guide

The Contagion Survival Guide is a weapons and tactics manual for use with Contagion Second Edition. Within these pages you will find game and setting information for weapons, armor, combat tactics and wilderness survival. There is also a section dedicated to rumors and theories regarding the supernatural. Apart from the introduction and the game statistics provided for items, this book is presented from the point of view of an arms dealer operating in the world of Contagion. This character, DMZ Dan, is a human veteran who is aware of the supernatural and has elected to do his part in the fight against monsters by ensuring that humans in the know are as well armed as possible.

The rumors, tactics, weapon descriptions and rants presented in this are told from the point of view of one man in a world gone awry. Gamemasters and players should be prepared to take everything herein with a grain of salt. Ol’ DMZ Dan just might be wrong about a thing or two. Of course, he could be spot on…

Contagion Survival Guide includes:
     -Game statistics and detailed descriptions of OVER 100 firearms for use with Contagion Second Edition
     -Dozens of Archaic, Missile, Exotic and non-lethal weapons
     -Game statistics and detailed descriptions of OVER 80 improvised weapons for use with Contagion Second Edition 
     -Expanded options for armor and other wearable gear
     -A list of common edible and poisonous plants.
     -New systems for weapon recoil and randomized hit locations.

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