Contagion Second Edition Omnibus

The Contagion Second Edition Omnibus is a full-color hardcover print volume collecting several Contagion Second Edition products that have previously been released only in .pdf format. This collection is ONLY available at the Rise of the Ilu Indiegogo campaign.

The Contagion Second Edition Omnibus collects the following supplements:

Contagion Second Edition Bonus Material
Contagion Second Edition Errata and NPC Folio
Magic In The New Age
Practical Magic
A Little Adventure
Big Trouble In Little Haiti
Falling Stars (story & system info only)
Found Footage (story & system info only)
Highway to Hell 2
Old Faces For A New World
Seventy and Sevenfold
The Contagion Second Edition Omnibus makes an excellent addition to any Contagion player or Gamemaster's print library!

The Contagion Second Edition Omnibus is a 294-page premium color hardcover and is fulfilled by DriveThruRPG!

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